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when i find myself in times of trouble

the 12th doctor comes to me

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Neutral Knits: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

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"You asked me if you were a good man, and I don’t know. I think you try to be and that’s the point."

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"1. You know that song that used to remind you of him? Listen to it again, and search for the lines that in no way relate to him, no matter how much you wanted them to or pretended that they did. He is not perfect, nor was he perfect for you, and it’s time to realize that.
2. Buy a hot new pair of underwear and matching bra and look at yourself in the mirror while contentment spreads across your face- because will never get to see you in them.
3. Listen to the music that you used to love, but stopped listening to because he hated it. Find yourself again. Reclaim old passions.
4. Rip up all his photographs. It’s not worth the pain of looking at how things used to be- because they will not be this way again. But make sure you save them to your computer or to a CD, because one day when you are old you will want to reminisce on the days when you thought you were so in love.
5. Listen to sad break up songs. Blast them so loud you can’t hear your own thoughts. Scream the lyrics that seem to have been written just for you. Cliché, but Taylor Swift knows what you’re going through. It’s okay to be sad. And you can’t move on without utilizing an excessive amount of kleenex tissues.
6. Watch chick flicks and bawl your eyes out. Yes your life might not be a Nicholas Sparks movie, but with the right guy, romance and chivalry do exist. Remind yourself not to settle. Good guys are out there and you won’t find them when you’re stuck with the wrong one.
7. Have an all girls sleepover complete with ice cream and other completely necessary junk food. My friend suggests that you determine your “boy bashing chip of choice.” I prefer sour cream and onion.
8. Keep the letters he wrote you and store them in your closet, because one day they will make you smile. But not because you will still love him, because you won’t. Upon reading them down the road, you will be reassured that it wasn’t meant to be- though they might tug at your heart, the rapid beating will cease and you will find contentment.
9. Try something new. Go ice skating or rock climbing or run that marathon. You will feel free and empowered, I promise. Prove to yourself that you can accomplish anything. By yourself. You need no one to complete you or to feel any sort of happiness.
10. When you reach the stage of wanting him back, of almost begging for him to change and pretending that things could be good again, do not text him. Do not call. Things ended for a reason and they should stay that way. Write him a letter and stick it in an envelope. Do not mail.
11. Swear off dating, but only for the time being. Your heart needs time to heal before it dives into the deep end once more. Until then, spend some time in the kid pool and find what makes you happy. Try new things until you’re ready for the diving board. Fall in love with yourself."

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i will make you queen of everything you see,
i’ll put you on the map, i’ll cure you of disease.

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